Artist’s Statement

I have always like Jasper Johns approach to creativity. His reply when asked about what is involved in the creative process was:

It’s simple, you just take something and then you do something to it, and then you do something else to it.
Keep doing this and pretty soon you’ve got something.


That is how I like to approach my work.

I take as my starting point for my communication series that my thinking process and my painting process are one and the same. There are layers of information in the layers of paint and newspaper on the canvas. I wanted to show the shift in the way news is distributed through the news media and how the internet has changed communication forever, that the distribution of news has become entwined with corporate interests. Is there such a thing as a ” free press” any more and what has happened to the art of journalism.

With my smaller collages I like to use recycled, found objects and organic materials to show that we are more connected to our planet than we care to admit. I also want my work to convey that behind the mask and/or underneath the surface more is going on that is much more interesting than what first appears.